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President Obama's Boulder visit results in new specials at two restaurants

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The Obama Splash, Rush on the Hill, 1207 13th Street, Boulder

As Obama left the Sink and made his way past Rush on the Hill, a photographer reportedly kicked over CU student Kolbi Zerbest's "yogurt," which splashed on the President -- an incident that the Today Show dubbed "Yogurtgate." And so Rush is now testing out its newest item, the "Obama Splash" -- aka the Power Bowl plus strawberries. But there's more to the story. Zerbest tells Westword that the food in question was actually not yogurt. Rather, it was a Rush Bowl, which she describes as "blended fruit in a consistency that is thicker than a smoothie," placed in a bowl and topped with granola and honey.

"It was the Power Bowl with soy protein and fat free milk! if you write that can you pleeeeeaaase stress that it was NOT yogurt, froyo or ice cream. That would be really helpful to me haha," Zerbest says via Facebook Chat. "Plus the nickname yogurt girl is getting kinda old hahaha."

Rush Vice President Nicole Shapiro confirms that the substance that spilled on the President was not yogurt -- although she notes that some of the other rush bowl flavors on the menu do contain frozen yogurt. The Obama Splash will be featured as a "test-run" to see if customers approve of the new flavor, she says, before it is officially added to the menu.

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