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Pressery, a cold-pressed juice company, will start pouring at the Source on Saturday

While Kyle Zeppelin, one of the developers of the Source, waits on a liquor license for a new -- and still unnamed -- permanent afternoon and evening tenant to replace CapRock Farm Bar, which poured its last cocktail on February 28, the vacated middlemost space will become center stage for Pressery, a Boulder-based juicing company founded by Ian Lee that happens to also be the first Colorado company to secure a spot on the juice shelves at Whole Foods. The small batch juices -- all cold-pressed and made with locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible -- will launch this Saturday, beginning at 9 a.m., and the plan thereafter, says Zeppelin, is to "make them the morning program at the Source on a daily basis."

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Zeppelin, who first came across the juices at the Boulder Farmers' Market, describes Lee as the "juice whisper" and Pressery as "part of the next generation of juicing," adding that he's impressed by the company's "great recipes and unique combinations" -- all of which will be available at the Source, either in bottles, or fresh-squeezed on site. "The goal of the Source is to have high caliber, local, independent businesses that focus on one area of expertise -- and provide a flow of people around them," explains Zeppelin, noting that the Pressery fulfills that criteria. "It's a great company that fits in with our goals, and they're part of the long-term situation at the Source," he stresses.

And in the short term, says Zeppelin, that same bar will become the base for afternoon and evening pop-up events, specifically as a platform for local distilleries and breweries to showcase their spirits and beers. And the first of those pop-ups will uncork at 11 a.m. on Friday, March 14, when Kyle Dill (creator of Industry Denver) and Andrew Causey (president of Downslope Distilling) host a three-day pop-up dedicated to shaken cocktails, draft cocktails and punches -- they're calling it "Shaken, Drafted and Punched" -- the creations of which are recipes from Atticus bartender Anthony Giovanni and McLain Hedges, who owns the Proper Pour, a wine shop in the Source. Notable bartenders from around the city will be behind the stick, and all of the cold-pressed juices for the cocktails will come from Pressery. The pop-up, which takes place during the same week as the DSTILL conference, will continue through Sunday night, ending at 11 p.m.

And until there's a new tenant, every weekend will be "devoted to pop-ups featuring interesting and local distilleries or Colorado breweries," says Zeppelin. "We want people to come and experience different things and have the opportunity to see firsthand what the best distilleries and breweries that Colorado has to offer," he concludes.

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