Project Angel Heart feeling the squeeze

In an economic meltdown, charitable organizations can find their coffers drying up -- but the need for their services is greater than ever. So Project Angel Heart, which provides meals to people with HIV/AIDS, cancer or other life-threatening illness, has had to get creative to streamline its operation while still delivering the goods.  

"We've had to make changes," says executive director Erin Pulling. "Before, we pre-planned meals and would order large amounts of food. But now we wait to see what protein we get and create something based off of it." 

Fortunately, the organization bolstered its budget with last month's  A Taste For Life event, which brought in $75,000, just short of the $80,000 goal. About $50,000 of that came from the reverse silent auction--the most the auction has ever made. 
Project Angel Heart's next big event is Dining Out for Life, a day in late April/early May when local restaurants donate a portion of that day's sales to the charity.

But in the meantime, there are other ways to help out Project Angel Heart. The best is to volunteer.  "We realize where we have efficiencies and focus on what we do best," says Pulling, which is communicating to volunteers and reaching out for more volunteers."--Tyler Nemkov

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