Prost Brewing will bring an old-school German style to LoHi

One of the owners of Brauns on Blake plans to open a new brewery next spring that will rely on no-nonsense German-style beers and forty-year-old brewing equipment shipped from a brewery in the world-famous beer region of Bamberg, Germany.

"It's a big, beautiful brewhouse, but the brewery is closing. It's been around since the 1600s, but I guess the kids don't want to brew anymore -- which is a trend over there," says Troy Johnston, a partner in the original Brauns, which closed near the Pepsi Center in June, and in Brauns on Blake, which opened last February.

Prost Brewing, named for the traditional German toast, will be located at 2540 19th Street in the Harold Call and Company building in Highland.

It will have a tap room and what Johnston calls "an authentic beer garden" -- something that is becoming more popular in the United States, with long tables and pea gravel but no TVs. "This isn't going to be for everybody. We are going to have great beers, but a very small selection. These are going to be sessionable beers that you will be able to drink and enjoy. We are going to go back to the way beer is supposed to be brewed."

Although Johnston says he enjoys the big, experimental American-style beers made by breweries like Great Divide and Avery, he thinks brewing trends are going to come full circle in the United States -- to a point where people will start drinking simple beers that rely only on hops, barley and water, just like the Germans mandated in 1516 with the Reinheitsgebot, the now-repealed German beer purity law.

Prost will have only four beers on tap at any one time: a pilsner, a hefeweizen, a dunkelweiss and one seasonal.

The 72.25-barrel brewhouse should arrive by boat sometime in the next few weeks, after which Prost will get to work building the tap room. Once the place is up and running, Johnston says, it will supply beer to Brauns and other accounts as well as liquor stores.

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