Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink: Like it, don't love it...yet

I don't often read writing scrawled outside bathroom walls, but something at Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink caught my eye. In the back of the restaurant, not far from metal racks stocked with ketchup, mustard and packets of sugar, someone had scribbled in pencil "I wanna love you." The words resonated, not because I'm pining for an unrequited love -- my husband might have something to say about that -- but because I want to love PBS.

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Lots of people already do, judging by the cars clogging the side streets -- much to the vexation of Baker residents -- since the repurposed Big Lots space opened last November. Parking is nearly as hard to come by on a Tuesday night happy hour as it is on weekends, when waits can exceed two hours and people pass the time playing shuffleboard or downing peach punch at the bar. I like what it says about Denver that PBS can thrive here before the concept is transported to cities like Portland and Austin (both are scheduled to open within the year), and I like the options the indoor play space brings to Broadway....

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