Qdoba: Now you can have your tacos and eat your quesadilla, too

Munchies were the best invention ever. You know -- the snack bags stuffed with a combination of Doritos, Sun Chips, Rold Gold pretzels and Cheetos. Eating an entire bag of any singular item is so mundane, but Munchies offered variety: They added texture to an otherwise monotonous crunch. A greatest hits collection of gas station junk, if you will.

Starting today, Qdoba Mexican Grill rolls out a similar mode of operation. The homegrown chain is launching its new "Craft 2" menu, which gives customers the option of creating a combo meal comprised of classic Qdoba favorites: naked burritos, naked taco salads, soft and hard shell tacos, a quesadilla or tortilla soup. Mix and match your two favorites, and they're all yours for $5.99, excluding tax (prices may vary according to location, blah, blah. blah). And for those of us who are still spending quality time with our holiday weight gain, Qdoba is also offering single menu items that are 600 calories or less, as well as smaller portions of the Craft 2 options.

To promote the new menu, Qdoba has created an online psychotherapy session game called "Craft Your Life." Remember that MASH game you played in middle school? It's just like that, except that players not only get to find out who they marry, what job they're stuck with, or how many kids they'll have, but they also get to discover which Craft 2 menu options they'll be snarfing. How enlightening. As incentive, customers can play the game daily to be entered to win Craft 2 coupons. Admit it: Free food and video games sound pretty damn enticing for a midweek distraction.

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