Queen of Sheba serves up feasts fit for royalty

This week's review took me to Queen of Sheba, an Ethiopian restaurant housed in a dilapidated building way out in the hinterland of East Colfax. Inside that spot, beneath print and handwritten accolades, Zewditu (Zodi) Aboye turns out plates of spicy, savory stews with plenty of injera. You'll need a good conversation partner while you wait for those plates, though, because every dish ordered at Queen of Sheba is done to order.

And as you wait for the rest of my review, which will be published here and in the print edition of Westword later today, savor this photographic representation of the assembly of my favorite dinner option, the Queen of Sheba's dinner for two.

Read about what each of these stews are later today, where a complete slideshow of Queen of Sheba will also be posted.

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