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Quiznos is now serving breakfast...at gas stations

Mmmm ... breakfast subs? That's right: Denver-based sub chain Quiznos is now serving up brekkie, including sandwiches, cinnamon rolls and sausage and egg biscuits. But there's a caveat: The new items are available at Quiznos gas station locations only. Sexy!

"Building and operating locations within convenience stores costs just 20 percent to 25 percent of the cost of stand-alone stores, and convenience sites often have higher returns on investment," Quiznos senior vice president of convenience development told the Denver Business Journal. "There's much room for growth, since only about 10,000 of the roughly 140,000 convenience stores nationwide contain a quick-service restaurant."

Quiznos reportedly plans to quadruple its convenience store locations by 2010.

Quiznos' move comes at the same time as fellow sub-chain Subway's entrance into the breakfast market with sandwiches suspiciously similar to its regular offerings, save for the addition of eggs and the option of having those toppins served on an English muffin. Fast-food chain Taco Bell also recently debuted a breakfast menu, and Burger King is reportedly test- marketing a brunch menu which, among other things, includes a non-alcoholic mimosa.

All Quiznos breakfast items are reportedly going for between $2 and $3. We're curious: Has anybody tried one yet? Weirdly, the breakfast dishes aren't mentioned on Quiznos website. A company spokesperson attributes the absence to limited availability.

Quiznos currently has just two gas-station kiosks, one in Lone Tree, the other in Sterling.

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