Radek Cerny can now fill your belly at a second place

When I last talked to Radek Cerny, he told me that his new place, Full Belly, would open in February. Well, the chef/owner of L'Atelier was off by only about a week, since his Full Belly will open tomorrow, March 7, at 2779 Iris Avenue in Boulder.

According to manager Sally Packer, it will be a soft opening without much fanfare, but I expect that to change as soon as people get a look at the menu, which features the simple-yet-intriguing food that Cerny is known for -- except this time, at some pretty reasonable prices.

I was at Arugula, which is next door to Full Belly, about ten days ago, and wondered how long it would take to turn the empty shell into a functioning restaurant. Apparently, the number was eleven days.

Interestingly, Arugula chef Alec Schuler worked at Cerny's L'Atelier; now they'll both have new places right next door to one another, in what's either a happy, competitive accident -- or the start of a planned, collaborative gastro-center.

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