Raw data on Sushi Den's new Den Deli

As reported here last week, Toshi and Yazu Kizaki are expanding their empire on South Pearl Street. The brothers who own Sushi Den and Izakaya Den just slapped down over seven figures to buy the building at 1501 South Pearl, and plan to transform the longtime Seams Like Olde Times costume shop (and then, briefly, Footprints of Asia) into the Den Deli and Seafood Market.

To get a taste of things to come, I talked to Chris Dunphy, GM at Izakaya and the guy who's overseeing the construction/staffing/stocking of the new venture, who says the place will be a combination fish market (focusing on the kinds of incredibly fresh fish that only the Kizakis are able to get in Denver -- straight from the Japanese fish markets), deli (with a prepared foods section and daily specials), ramen noodle shop (fifteen or twenty stools and pure Japanese-style ramen, which Toshi just spent several weeks in Japan researching) and gift shop, where they'll be selling all manner of chopsticks and sake bowls, bundles of nori and freaky Japanese candies.

The chef who'll be running the kitchen is Darren Pusateri, most recently at Elway's at the Ritz-Carlton, before that the Cherry Creek Elway's, before that Frasca in Boulder, and before that gigs in Manhattan and Florida, where he did time with Daniel Boulud at both db Bistro Moderne and Café Boulud. The Den Deli and Seafood Market is slated to open around November 15.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.