Reader: 55 spots in LoHi, and not a fast-casual restaurant to be found

Six years ago, shortly after Lola moved from Old South Pearl into a corner space at 1575 Boulder Street, the LoHi Merchants Group counted the bars, restaurants and coffee shops in the Lower Highland neighborhood-- bounded by West 38th to the north, Federal to the West, Speer and I-25 -- and came up with 22, many of them little Mexican joints or old-school Italian. Today the count is 55, with more to come.

And more to go, of course: most of those old-school Italian spots are gone, with both Pagliacci's and Longo's Subway Tavern closing their doors last year.

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We ran the list of LoHi's 55 dining/drinking establishments yesterday. And in response, thespot84 offers this:

and not a fast casual restaurant (locally owned, of course) to be found.

Is LoHi full? Or is there room for more restaurants in the neighborhood? And if so, what would you like to see there?

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