Reader: 99 percent of the 1 percent shop at Whole Foods...and don't know how to park

Does the prospect of shopping at the Whole Foods in Cherry Creek frighten you? In "The sh*t-show that's the parking lot at Whole Foods,"Lori Midson labels the expanse of pavement outside the store "the worst parking lot in the city, especially during the holidays." On a visit there this week, she reports, "I spent far more time in that stupid parking lot than I did in the actual store."

AC agrees:

Exactly the reason I NEVER shop at WF Cherry Creek. Its a disaster.

There are alternatives, of course. For example, GFTW offers this:

You'd be even happier avoiding Whole Paycheck altogether! 99% of WP customers are the 1%. And Cherry Creek WP is the worst.

Have you figured out a way to escape the sh*t-show parking lot in Cherry Creek? If so, post your tip below.

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