Protesters rallied in Denver for a $15 minimum wage this week.
Protesters rallied in Denver for a $15 minimum wage this week.
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Reader: A 16-year-old at McDonald's Does Not Need $15 an Hour

On Tuesday, protesters rallied around Denver in support of a campaign to raise minimum wage for fast-food workers and employees of similar businesses to $15 and hour. While The Fight for 15 campaign didn't get a lot of support at the Republican presidential debate that same night, it's gaining some support around town. But not everyone is sold on the concept. Says Mike:

If you want $15/hr or more, get some motivation, go to school, make an effort and get a better job. These people at fast rood places or anywhere that gets less than $15/hr are not people who should be paid that much. They are typically lackluster, not very good at customer service, communication or following instructions. Why do they deserve $15/hr?

Adds Jm: 

A 16-year-old just starting their first job — which is a lot of workers at McDonald's — does not need $15 an hour! We need a graduated wage scale, maybe, but only for older workers.

If you want to raise wages in Colorado, make sure only those who have the right to work are working! We don't mandate e-verify for contractor work like we do for employee work since 2007. That tightens up the labor market, which causes wages to rise.

What do you think of the campaign to raise minimum wage?

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