Reader: A bummer to have another empty spot on Broadway

The face of Broadway is changing -- fast -- and the stretch heading south from First Avenue saw plenty of changes in May. Sketch and El Diablo closed at the start of the month, ending one chapter of the long-running saga of the circa 1906 First Avenue Hotel. And at the very end of the month, Dylan Moore closed Deluxe and Juanita's (formerly Delite). Memories of those places have been flying. See also: - Dylan Moore closes Deluxe and Juanita's - First Avenue Hotel now a blight, rather than a light, on Broadway - Atomic Cowboy empire moving into Crimson Canary space

Says Ryan Townsend:

I went to Deluxe 7 years ago on a first date with a girl. That girl has since become my wife. This bums me out. Well, good luck and God bless on your future endeavours!

And this from theglobalguy:

Sad to see Juanitas go...loved hanging out there when the doors were open. Definitely a bummer to have another empty spot on the strip for a while...between El Diablo, Deluxe/Juanitas and Crimson Canary, there are quite a few blank spots that need to be filled. Glad to see at least two of the three have plans.

The fate of the First Avenue Hotel, which held both El Diablo and Sketch, is the big unknown. What would you like to see go there? What do you think of the changes on Broadway?

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