Reader: A friend flew out a BBQ sandwich, and it was better than what I've found here

Is Denver's barbecue scene "pretty lame"? That's whatDenver Dave said last week, and since our news blog picked up his comment, close to 200 people have weighed in with their opinions of Denver's barbecue -- including what's hot and what's definitely not. See also: Denver's BBQ scene is consistently "disappointing"?

Says Mallory:

Had a friend fly me out a BBQ sandwich with them...it was better half a day old with a soggy bun than what I've found around here.

And Flibber doesn't stop with dissing Denver's barbecue:

World class?? Are you kidding? Denver metro food (including BBQ -- hahaha!) borders on third world compared to true world class food. We are hurting for outstanding food and choices here in Denver. Hell, when Anthony Bourdain came to Denver....his pick for outstanding food was a goddam hot dog vender downtown. That says it all.

Oh, we doubt that says it all. Read about Anthony Bourdain's discovery of Biker Jim here, and check out the many comments about Denver's barbecue scene here.

What do you think about barbecue in Denver? What do you consider world class in the local dining scene?

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