Reader: A taproom that looks like Grandma's attic? Am I in a Portlandia skit?

If you heading to Grandma's house next holiday season, you'll be rewarded...with beer. Yes, Denver is getting another craft-beer spot, this one located at 1710 South Broadway and named Grandma's House. "I wanted to go with the crafting and craft brewing aesthetic and maintain that kind of Etsy-type community feel," explains brewery owner Matthew Fuerst. "A brewery's priority should be its beer, and it usually is -- but taprooms don't really set themselves apart, so I thought why not doing something kooky?"

Why not? See also: Grandma's House, a planned brewery, will knit craft beer and crafting together

Says eyeroll:

This is a series of elaborate jokes, right? The steampunk brewery, the Communist brewery, the facial hair brewery, the brewery where the owners allow homebrewers to come in and make the beer (thereby basically assaulting their patrons by making them pay money to buy a pint of homebrew), and now drinking beer in Grandma's attic? I, for one, am not interested in trying to drink a beer while having a creepy porcelain doll stare at me. Here's a novel concept: make a GOOD PINT OF BEER instead of cooking up these ridiculous theme parks. I feel like I'm in a Portlandia"skit.

What do you think of Denver's spate of themed brewpubs? What theme is left to use? And would you take your grandma to Grandma's House?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.