Reader: After gorging, taking a break from Denver Restaurant Week

With just four more days to go before Denver Restaurant Week ends on March 11, many diners are still scrambling for reservations. But some are sitting back, unbuttoning their pants, and digesting everything that's gone before.

Hotdog, for example, is taking a much-deserved break. But first, he offered this comment on our ongoing Denver Restaurant Week post (best/worst stories win EatDenver decks):

I have gone to 7 restaurants in 9 days, and I have gorged on good, rich food. Three friends/relatives went with me. I will pass on the rest of the RW week unless I find something that really is different.

Because of costs, it seem that most restaurants on the high end come up with very simple menus -- steak, salmon, chicken -- although very nice preparation. I have had too much steak this past week, I even tried chicken twice! Creme brulee seemed to be on everyone's menu.

There were some very good meals- - creative for sure! -- at Beatrice & Woodsley and at Root Down. Shanahan's had the best steak and Luca d'Italia the best seafood. The best vegetable was a creamed spinach with horseradish at Root Down.

I can't believe the only seafood on Ocean Prime's choices was salmon! I also can't believe a glass of Chardonnay at Edge costs $19, or that Le Mistral automatically adds 20% gratuity without asking (for all size parties!)

I am still waiting for someone to comment that their meal was the best!!

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