Reader: After trying the job, I do not envy servers

Readers may not agree with Kyle Garratt's In the Weeds (even last week's positive round), but just about everyone agrees that a server's job is one of the toughest in town.Catlover101st, for example, just weighed in with this response to his bad tipper column:

I worked a second job as a waitress for 4 days. On my last day I gave the other waitress the $8.00 in tips I had received so far after dealing with a$$hole customers. I told her I was sorry, that she needed the money more than I did, and I was sorry she had to do that for a living and walked out. (It was a reputable restaurant and I had watched her drop a steak on the floor, pick it up and put it back on the plate, one guy ordered lemonade which was not on the menu but she made him a glass after slobbering in it to taste it until it was right and then gave him the same glass. Even though I witnessed that stupid stuff it still gave me a whole new perspective on servers. I give a 15% tip at the worst, and most of the time over tip because I know the the a$$holes they have to deal with. I do NOT envy them. Yes, they might could get a better job, but some enjoy it. I just feel for the ones who HAVE to do it. My husband is cheap and embarrasses the crap out of me by not tipping or under tipping and my famous quote to him is, "You've never been a waiter....you have no idea how hard it is working with a$$holes like you.

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