Reader: All this bashing of parents and kids and "hipsters" is depressing and stupid

After we published our list of ten great patios where you can enjoy all-American craft beer this summer, Station 26 became ground zero for a discussion of just where, exactly, it's appropriate for parents to take their kids -- and how both parents and kids should act once they're there. But the talk soon spilled out of Stapleton and into other parts of town, inspiring our upcoming list of best places for parents to take their kids and enjoy an evening out -- and not ruin the evenings of other customers.

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After all, wonders Rachel,why we can't all just get along?

I hate fake divisive stories like this. Colorado is a great place to live for so many reasons and the craft beer scene is one of them. Exposing kids in a positive way to locally sourced artisan foods and drink makes Denver a great community to raise kids. I love supporting small local businesses too. All of Denver's neighborhoods have interesting residents with their own vibe. This bashing seems really unnecessary. Bashing parents and kids and "hipsters" is depressing and makes us all sounds at odds with each other. Stupid.

Read the original Stapletonian/Station 26 comments here, and dozens of responses here. Have your own response -- or an idea for our list of the best place to take kids? Post it below.

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