Reader: Almost Fifty Breweries in Denver? Oversaturated Market, Anyone?

With several breweries scheduled to open in Denver this month, 2014 is shaping up as a record-breaking year for new craft-beer enterprises. At least a dozen breweries have opened since January, and by the end of the year there could be close to fifty breweries operating within Denver city limits -- with many, many more outside the city. Can there ever be too much of a good thing? See also: Three (and Possibly Six) New Breweries Will Open in Denver in November

Not according to Alden, who greets the news of more breweries with this:


But Zach asks:

Oversaturated market, anyone?

And Heather has other concerns:

Like we need more... i think now we need more AA groups and domestic violence groups to cover all the breweries.

What do you think of Denver's boom in craft breweries? Is Denver thirsty enough to sustain fifty of them?

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