Reader: Another restaurant in LoHi? Get ready for more bitching about parking

The edge of Highland -- now dubbed LoHi -- is the hottest restaurant neighborhood in town, and it's about to get hotter, with the addition of Central Bistro and Bar, which will open in late spring with Lance Barto in the kitchen.

Don't confuse it with Le Central, the "affordable French restaurant" that's been at 112 East Eighth Avenue for three decades; this restaurant will actually be on Central Street, the road along the edge of the bluff overlooking I-25 and downtown, joining Ale House at Amato's, which opened on this stretch last March.

And there are more restaurants to come.

The gentrification of Highland has led to heated discussions.

Says Jim Rome:

Shouldn't there be a neighborhood group bitching about parking and noise from the patio and how their kids won't get into Harvard because they wont be able to study? Doesn't this usually happen in Denver these days?

And from Nope:

Most of the neighborhoods being taken over in NW Denver now have residents that are too poor and/or too old to complain. By the time all the yuppies and hipsters take over, this will already be built.

What's your favorite restaurant in LoHi? And can there be too much of a good thing in a neighborhood? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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