Reader: Anyone who waits in line for ninety minutes needs to have their head checked

On Saturday, when a restaurant-industry pal was craving tater tots for his 25th birthday breakfast, we headed to Highland Tavern, renowned for its homemade tater tots -- and very long brunch lines. A wait that was originally estimated at half an hour translated to ninety minutes before we finally got to order -- but in the meantime, we took advantage of the balmy weather to stroll the neighborhood, checking out some of the other projects that will soon try to take a bite out of the LoHi dining dollar. See also: Guess where we waited ninety minutes to order this chicken-fried steak The Highland Tavern opened seven years ago, long before this area became one of Denver's hottest dining destinations. But still, an hour and a half wait for brunch? Since we were in no hurry and the food that finally landed at our table (including this chicken-fried steak) was great, we considered it time well spent. But it also got us thinking about other places around town with crazy-long waitlists. And judging from the guesses that came in yesterday, there are plenty of them: Jelly, Snooze, Lucile's...

There are also diners who would never wait that long:

Says John:

If you wait that long anywhere for a meal, then you need to learn to plan.

Foodcrazy goes further:

Anyone who waits in line for ninety minutes for ANYTHING needs to have their head checked.

What restaurants have the longest lines? And which of restaurants are worth a ninety-minute wait? Post your nominations below.

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