Biscuit — and bacon!
Biscuit — and bacon!
Lauren Monitz

Reader: Anyone Who Waits in Line Two Hours for Anything Needs to Have Their Head Checked

A third Denver Biscuit Company just opened in the Berkeley neighborhood. In honor of that, Lauren Monitz decided to return to the original Denver Biscuit Company in the first Atomic Cowboy on East Colfax Avenue for a delicious, biscuit-filled brunch. But even with three outlets of the Denver Biscuit Company, there's usually a wait —- and this reader is not about to get in line. Says Steve:

Anyone who waits in line two hours for ANYTHING needs to have their head checked. Seriously. Stay at home and make your own biscuits and gravy. They're s-o-o-o-o much better that way.

Would you rather stay home and make your own biscuits? Or go out and have someone serve you? Where's your favorite spot for biscuits? For brunch?

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