Reader: Are Denver Restaurants Required to Have Ampersands in Their Names?

When Andy Ganick opened the Berkshire in Stapleton nine years ago, the neighborhood was just beginning to boom. Now he's opened a second restaurant, The Pig & the Sprout, on Chestnut Place in another up-and-coming area: the space between Union Station and Commons Park. When he reported on the Pig's opening, Mark Antonation suggested that this area might need a trendy new name. But instead, readers have focused on the name of Ganick's new place — a name he originally wanted to give the Berkshire. Says Evan: 

Thank goodness there's an ampersand in the name, otherwise how could we tell it's a restaurant?

Adds Angela: 

It must be a trend, the two name/word restaurant names. To name a few: Beatrice & Woodsley, Guard and Grace, Williams & Graham, Colt & Gray, etc.

As for that trendy new neighborhood name, here's Jerry's suggestion: 

Platte Valley or platva? Plava?

We have our own suggestion:  StaCom.

As in...StaCom, and carry on.

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