Reader: At brunch I see hipsters, yuppies, families, hungover people, all kinds of folks

If you live in Colorado, chances are good that brunch is your favorite meal -- whether you're a yuppie, hipster or human who eschews labels. And metro Denver is full of great places to eat brunch, including


, which just snagged the

Best Brunch award
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in the Best of Denver 2014. But we're fond of many other brunches around town, and last week shared our list of the Ten Best Brunch Spots in Denver, which inspired readers to offer their own suggestions...and

opinions of hipsters


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Let's give the last word on this to LeahA:

Why is brunch for "hipsters" or "yuppies"?

It's called food, and humans eat it, often at a later time on the weekend because they don't have to get up early and go to work. I am neither a hipster or yuppie and I love brunch. I see hipsters, yuppies, families, hungover people, all kinds of folks at brunch.

Where will you be for brunch this weekend? Post your favorite spots -- whether yuppie or hipster hangouts -- below.

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