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Reader: At La Loma, It's Not Just the Food — It's the Neighborhood and History

After forty years, La Loma is leaving Jefferson Park — but when the current location, at 2527 West 26th Avenue, the building where La Loma has been since 1981, closes, the restaurant will move to an as-yet-undisclosed location downtown. And in the spring of 2017, the owners plan to open a second, brand-spanking-new La Loma in the Platte Valley, right by the Denver Aquarium — a project they already had in the works when they learned they'd have to leave Jefferson Park because the owner of the property has sold it to a developer. Says Michael: 
This is ridiculous — such a shame to lose the character of the old building. It's not just the food, it's the neighborhood and the history.....I can't say I will visit as often when they move to a crowded downtown location......
Adds Chris: 
No, I will cry! This is the most awesome venue with three homes connected from the late 1800s - amazing ambiance that you can't find anywhere else. What happened to restoring the history of Denver?  I'm a native and still can't get my arms around this...
Warns Debra Ann:
They will be out of business soon. Many people loved going there as it was NOT downtown. Traffic is impossible downtown and there is no parking. Such a pity.
But then there's this from William: 
Apparently I'm the only one that thinks La Loma is mediocre at best. I've lived in the neighborhood for years and have tried so many times to like the place. I just don't.
What do you think of La Loma? Will you follow the restaurant no matter where it goes? 
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