Reader: Bad fried chicken is like sex -- it's still good

In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, Cafe Society recently listed the ten best plates of fried chicken in the metro area, at places ranging from the legendary White Fence Farm to Welton Street Cafe. And although the holiday is over, the cravings for fried chicken continue. Fortunately, readers stepped up with plenty of suggestions for other places to try.

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And then there's this from hbogey31:

Sadly, all fried chicken in Colorado isn't that great -- well, not sux bad 'cause bad fried chicken is like sex, it's still good.

I have been to all 10 of these places and they rate on the scale of Babe's in Texas (about a 5 for the best of the 10). Nothing like Henderson's or Moms or the famous but now closed Texas Chicken in Park Lane area of Dallas. Nothing super special up here. Breading is good on the chicken at Wishbone, but the chicken itself was flavor deprived. The trick to good fried chicken is the brine -- needs to soak in equal parts salt and sugar plus your flavorings (pickle juice) for 24 hours. If the chicken doesn't have a unique taste it doesn't matter how you bread or fry or broast it, it's just fried chicken. Make the chicken kick with flavor and the breading is an afterthought.

Flung birds for a living for years, trust me, this dude knows his yard bird. Now if anyone wants to suggest someplace I will try it out and gladly change my opinion. But so far closest I have had to downhome southern fried chicken up here is that soul food joint on Colfax and 225 by the hospital. Denver needs a good ole fashion Southern Fry house and sadly none of these compare.

What do you think of the fried chicken in Denver? How about in Dallas?

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