Reader: Bagels at Heidi's Brooklyn Deli are an insult to humanity

It's been a good run, but at the end of November Heidi's Brooklyn Deli will close its original spot in Highland. Brooklyn-to-Denver transplants Heidi and Steve Naples opened the place in the summer of 1997, and today a chain of franchised soup-and-sandwich Heidi's outlets stretch from California to Maine.

But some people won't miss the original. See also: - The original Heidi's Brooklyn Deli will close this month in Highland - Tavern 13 reopening in former Heidi's space on South Broadway - Venue Bistro closes in Highland

Philo99 for example, who writes:.

Heidi's was the worst run deli I've ever been to. The owners were clueless. The business succeeded because of a great location, not the quality of the product they put out. Their bagels were an insult to humanity. You could legally be shot in Brooklyn for serving a bagel that bad.

The space is way too big for an eyeglass store. I would love to see another deli go into the spot. One with an owner that cares about his business. A place that serves quality breakfast sandwiches would also be a welcome change.

What would you like to see go in the Heidi's spot? What does this part of Highland need?

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