Reader: Barnwood is to 2013 as glass tiles were to 2006

ViewHouse opens today at the corner of Market and 20th streets on the edge of the Ballpark neighborhood. Lotus Concepts has taken the former home of Mori, a Japanese restaurant, and turned it into a restaurant/entertainment complex with an amazing rooftop.

But one reader was more interested in what he saw inside: barnwood. See also: - Photos: ViewHouse Eatery Bar & Rooftop opens in Ballpark neighborhood - Photos: Corner House opens with Matt Selby behind the burners - First look: Old Major opens in Highland

Says Penguin:

Looks great, but has anyone else noticed the overabundance of reclaimed barnwood on the Denver restaurant scene lately? What were they hammering on around the door of the new taphouse on Tennyson as I drove past yesterday? Strips of reclaimed barnwood, of course. Patxi's (delicious, by the way)? Horizontal barnwood. Old Major? Vertical barnwood. (In their defense, it does go with their Animal Farm theme). Corner House? Barnwood on sliding doors. It is pretty much everywhere. I have a feeling, one day, we'll be able to identify every restaurant that opened in 2012 or 2013 by the reclaimed barnwood. Barnwood is to 2013 as glass tiles were to 2006.

Good eye, Penguin! What other restaurant-decorating trends have we seen come and go?

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