Reader: Bars with badly dressed bartenders are toilets -- and I don't drink from the toilet

Sean Kenyon knows how to get attention -- whether he's pouring a perfectly composed cocktail at Williams & Graham or the Squeaky Bean, serving up his opinions on this blog, or sending out a fast tweet, as he did recently when he told bartenders to quit wearing tank tops behind the bar: "I don't want to see your armpits."

As Lori Midson writes, "And that got us thinking...about fashion statements. When is it okay -- and not okay -- to expose your sweaty (and in some cases, frighteningly hairy) pits to the people you serve? What about nose rings? Tongue studs? Bare (or beer) bellies illustrated with tattoos? Glitter eye shadow shimmering below eyebrow piercings? Blue hair? Botox lips?"

Steveville's answer?

There is only ONE answer to the above questions and that answer is: NEVER!!

Bars and restaurants with bartenders and servers who dress and appear like that are toilets. I don't drink from the toilet. If the health board inspectors walked into the place with bartenders and servers dressed and appearing like that, that toilet would never be the same. Ever.

But Guest has his own take on the dicussion:

Nothing like a cutting edge topic to excite people to conversation - but then again this is just the food blog afterall. As someone else already mentioned, this topic was beaten to death about, oh, 20 years ago.

Want to beat it some more? Post your coments below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.