Reader: Basic Kneads deserves to be on a top pizza ten list...but Virgilio's?

Since the Best of Denver 2011, we've been posting occasional lists of our runners-up in some popular categories -- lists that are not only available here, but on our Best of Denver app. And, as always, certain categories provoke plenty of discussion -- which started just seconds after Lori Midson published an expanded version of "Our ten best pizzas in Denver (and Boulder)" yesterday.

Everyone's a critic when it comes to pizza. Where was the Oven? Benny Blanco's? (Pizza for drunks, sniffed another critic.) And why, oh why, was the Stingray on this list?

Here's the take from Jon S:

Benny Blancos sucks. Famous Pizza on South Broadway does a way better version of the same genre, which is late night drunk pizza. I definitely still would not try to put Famous in a top 10 list, but it blows away Benny's for what it is.

And I've never gotten the love for Virgilio's. I had their pizza 3 times. Each time it was bland, soggy and disappointing. At least the Lakewood location closed so I can't talk myself into thinking "Westword loves it, I must try it again because I have to be missing something, or they just had an off night!" Three misses equals a trend. Now I just know that if I'm in the area I'm heading to The Oven, which is far superior to begin with.

I am very happy to see Basic Kneads on here. It comes out of a truck, but might be my favorite pizza town. Definitely the best value going in local pies right now.

What's your favorite pizza in the Denver area? Post it below, or join the pizza conversation already under way here. And remember, we're already eating for the Best of Denver 2012, coming your way March 29.

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