Reader: BBQ Is One of the Only Things Colorado Did Not Get Right

Barbecue and beer: Everyone has opinions about those. But while people uniformly praise Colorado craft beers, opinions of this state's barbecue offerings are much more mixed. Last week we served up our updated list of the Ten Best Barbecue Joints in Denver, which includes Brewshine — a place that happens to serve both beer and barbecue. The list inspired many responses — many of them discouraging. Says Erin:

BBQ is one of the only things Colorado did not get right... Just sayin. 

Says Austin:

"I'm from Texas... BBQ sucks here." 

Says Conrad: 

I bring it back from Kansas City in a cooler with dried ice. It's a ten hour drive and it's been done more than once. Good stuff!!

Since many of our favorite spots don't have liquor licenses, where do you go when you want beer with your barbecue?

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