Reader: Beehive needs to differentiate itself from the pack...or is that swarm?

Nearly a decade after it buzzed off from its home in central Denver (the spot now occupied by Table 6), the Beehive is back. But this time, chef/owner Janice Henning has landed in Boulder -- where her farm-to-table approach isn't nearly as novel as it was in Denver a decade ago.

Says Monopod:

Looking forward to checking it out, but I hope they do something to differentiate themselves from the pack. Emphasizing "seasonal and local ingredients" and presenting them in a "simple manner," while laudable, is kind of the price of admission to the Boulder restaurant scene; everyone already does that (just to take a few examples, Kitchen, SALT, Oak, Black Cat, and Riff's all have exactly the same emphasis and all are located within a couple of blocks of Beehive's new digs). Hopefully they can do something that will set them apart, perhaps by making their food actually affordable (not just offering "small plates" that are 3 bites of food for $8). We already have plenty of lovely-but-expensive farm-to-table places; it would be great to have more offerings where people could enjoy them more than once or twice a year.

Will the Beehive keep Boulder buzzing? Post your thoughts below.

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