Reader: Beer, bacon, marijuana and doughnuts are making us fat!

Montana just bumped Colorado out of its top spot as the least obese state, according to a recent report by Gallup. Mississippi is still number one for fat, with 35.4 percent of the population weighing in as obese. In Colorado, just 20.4 percent of the residents are obese, which earns the state the number two slot for skinny. But Montana edges it out with 19.6 percent. And our readers have plenty of explanations for how Montana took the lead... See also: Most and lease obese states -- and Colorado's slip from number one

Says Val:

Can't have 5 breweries per block and stay skinny.

Says Krista:

The polar vortex makes you cold and want to eat more.

Says Danielle:

People are getting the munchies from the green stuff.

Says Jayne:

Only because all the fat people are moving here. Go away, fatty --you're making us look bad!!

As Brandis sums it up:

Beer, bacon, marijuana and doughnuts! And it's probably gonna continue to get worse as more people move to Denver to indulge in the good life!

And Dave concludes:

If we're willing to squint, we'll see there is a population that can seemingly sustain the thousands of restaurants, breweries, brew pubs, and holes-in-the-wall that have sprouted up all over the metro area. Most of us aren't jogging, walking, or biking to these places.

What do you think of Montana taking Colorado's skinny-state crown? Do you blame doughnuts, out-of-staters, beer, the munchies...or all of the above?

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