Reader: Beers for Romney? Never mind. Ale to the chief!

President Barack Obama has been drinking beer on the campaign trail, trying to convince undecided voters that he's a regular guy. In 2008 Obama got branded a wine-slurper, but he's got a distinct alcoholic advantage in this year's race against teetotaling Mormon Mitt Romney.

But as Jonathan Shikes notes, Obama doesn't always make the best beer choices, often going for macro-brews over those produced by small American businesses. So yesterday, he offered up five local brews that would be smart for Obama to sample this week, including Avery Brewing's Ale to the Chief. Other options? - Five craft beers Obama should drink while he's debating in Denver - Three ways to put beer on your body rather than in it. - The Great American Beer Festival calendar of awesome events

Says chipperdave:

And as far as the beers for Romney go .... oh wait .... never mind. Still, would love to see Romney's reaction to a double IPA, a hot chili beer, a Farmhouse Saison, a sour beer and a bourbon barrel-aged stout. Bet that would be classic.

What's the must-try beer for any non-teetotaler visiting Denver for the debate? And what's the best alternative for those who refrain from alcohol?

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