Reader: Bento boxes remind me of elementary-school cuisine

An "inspiration trip" to Japan last fall inspired Daniel Asher, the culinary director of Linger and Root Down, to bring back the bento box. "In Japan, the bento is a way of expressing a multi-course meal experience in a moment, and here, it's our way of wrapping all of those concepts into one idea," says Asher. The bento box was initially introduced at Root Down at DIA, and proved such a hit that last week the concept was added at Linger's lunch. "We had them as a special every day for the last few weeks," Asher notes, "so time will tell how they evolve." Time, and customer responses.

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Says bondadprevalece:

Even though bento boxes are usually filled with significantly better cuisine, I've never been able to bring myself to order one because they're so reminiscent of elementary school cuisine. Just... put in on a plate.

Do you have a deep-seated aversion to bento boxes? Where else can you find bento boxes around town?

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