Reader: Besides 1120 East Sixth Avenue, what are the biggest black holes in this city?

Campagna has closed for "remodeling," leaving a gap on an otherwise hot restaurant strip. But this spot at 1120 East Sixth Avenue has been dark before; it's been revamped more times than Joan Rivers. It was the home of the legendary Dudley's, then became Chives. But after Blair Taylor closed that to concentrate on Barolo Grill, it's hosted a series of unsuccessful spots, including Piscos and, most recently, Campagna. Now Alex Gurevich is reopening it into "My Other Bar."

Sounds like what the owners of My Brother's Bar would call their second place, says Joey B, who then raises another issue:

This address is a black hole, he says.

What are the biggest restaurant black holes in the city? That one and the one on 2nd and Josephine (currently Aria) are the two that come immediately to mind but I know there are others.

Good call on 250 Josephine. And how about 777 East 17th Avenue? J.R.'s Bar and Grill called that spot home for over seven years, until it unexpectedly closed last fall. But in the two decades before that, it tried on identity after identity. One of them, Majorca, was so concerned about the spot's black hole status that the owners even conducted an exorcism.

It didn't work.

What do you consider the city's biggest black holes?

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