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Reader: Best Italian Restaurants Include Panzano, Parisi, Colore, Romano's

The Best Italian Restaurant in 2014 was Luca D'Italia — now known just as Luca. That's not the only change at Frank Bonanno's restaurant; will it get the crown again? In the wake of Gretchen Kurtz's review of Sarto's, readers have been discussing what makes a good Italian restaurant — and sharing their favorites in town. Says Jan80123:
I like Panzano, remembering a brodetto I had there many years ago that set the standard. However, I also like Parisi, which serves simple, carefully prepared food at reasonable prices. Sometimes Romano's in downtown Littleton hits the spot when I crave red sauce and old-style preparations. The Eggplant Rollatina at Colore on South Broadway is a great choice when I want something traditionally Italian, but not heavy.
Luca didn't make the five finalists in our Best of Denver 2015 Readers' Poll, but Sarto's did. For the record, here are those finalists:
Osteria Marco (another Bonanno restaurant)
Trattoria Stella
You can vote for the finalists here. If your favorite didn't make the cut, tells us about what you consider the Best Italian Restaurant in Denver in the comments section. And remember, the editorial choice is separate from the readers' vote — any restaurant could win that honor!

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