Osaka Ramen is ready to serve you today.
Osaka Ramen is ready to serve you today.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Best Ramen is 25 Cents at the Supermarket

Denver is rolling in ramen these days, with new eateries all over town. And today Jeff Osaka will officially open the doors of Osaka Ramen, his long-awaited noodle bar at 2601 Walnut Street in RiNo. Says a relieved Dale:


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And Logan is tired of reading about all the new restaurants in Denver:

Quit tagging me in all these wonderful food articles and posts when I have to eat dorm food!!!

But according to Scott, the dorm might be just the place to cook up real ramen:

25 cents at the supermarket... Add your own spice and vegetables...Boom!

What do you think of all the ramen joints now open in Denver? What's your favorite?

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