Reader: Beware Indian restaurants full of gringos who fear spice and flavor

Between the very cold snap and Gretchen Kurtz's discussion of hot, hot spices in her review of Namaste India, we were about ready to book a passage to India last week. Instead, Cafe Society came up with a list of the ten best Indian restaurants in Denver. It inspired much heated discussion -- regarding the absence of Little India's and Jewel of India, for example, and the inclusion of Bombay Bowl, a fast-casual concept that has never grown beyond Denver. (And yes, we consider the Denver dining scene to cover metro Denver -- hunger pains don't end at Sheridan Boulevard.) See also: Ten best Indian restaurants in Denver

Says Joseph:

And Bombay Bowl? Barf.

Says NomNom:

Other than BB, this is a good list. If you want awesome ethnic food, you must eat where that represented ethnicity predominantly goes to eat, and that is Namaste, India's Castle and India's restaurant...Little India isn't on the list because it's full of gringos who fear spice and flavor. :)

When it's cold outside, do you crave Indian food? Where do you like to go for a good, warm meal?

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