Reader: Biker Jim's going national? We never sausage a thing!

Jim Pittenger, aka Biker Jim, already had an eponymous brick-and-mortar restaurant on Larimer Street, along with gourmet hot dog carts on the 16th Street Mall and at the Auraria campus. Now he's added a food truck to his sausage empire, and it won't be long before he rolls the business out across the country with his new partner, Mobi Munch.

Pittinger's goal is to rev up a dozen food trucks -- all with different concepts -- over the next several months.

And that makes epl nervous:

The word "national" used in conjunction with "franchise" makes me cringe. Hopefully the move to a national chain won't hurt the wonderful product Biker Jim's currently puts out, although I'm not overly optimistic (we're already seeing negative effects of Stranahan's going "national.") Hopefully Continental Sausage is part of Biker Jim's national chain plans...

"We're a proven concept with national recognition," Pittenger says, "and if we can get hundreds of Biker Jim food trucks all over the country, that would be awesome."

And what happened when Stranahan's went national? Read Sean Kenyon's riff comparing the early days of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey and punk rock here.

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