Reader: Bite me, Ludo!

We never sausage a thing! On Tuesday, em>Ludo Bites America took on Colorado, , with a segment featuring Biker Jim's -- and fans of Jim Pittenger and his dogs are ready to take a bite out of host Ludo Lefebvre.

Here's Jake's take:

It was cool to see Biker Jim get some press. However, I felt that the host was a bit patronizing and was out of line saying Jim was stoned all the time. Anyone that knows Jim knows that he has been sober for over 20 years. I am afraid Udo came off looking like an arrogant outsider treating Biker Jim like a peasant in his own home. Why are we so lucky to have a elitist egomaniac plop his self serving stroke-fest in our town. Biker Jim does not need Udo to validate what he is doing.

Barrfly2 was less polite:

I couldn't even make it through one episode of this show. Who watches this shit. That guy is an asshole, idiot, and a pretentious fuck! He is everything bad about the passion for food. I will watch one more episode though on behalf of Biker Jim and wonder how come nobody has kicked Ludo's ass. Hey, Ludo; Bite me!

We're willing to bet that Biker Jim could easily kick Ludo's ass. And we'd definitely watch that episode.

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