Inside Blue Moon.EXPAND
Inside Blue Moon.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Blue Moon Brewery Is Like Dining in a Construction Zone

Blue Moon Brewing Company, a subsidiary of MillerCoors, has been pouring beer at the Sandlot inside Coors Field since the ballpark opened in 1995. Twenty years later, Blue Moon just opened its own brewery and restaurant at 3750 Chestnut Street in the River North neighborhood. Says Lucinda:

Looks different! Somewhere new to go!!

Notes Robert: 

With all the modern charm of dining in a construction site.

There's definitely a lot of construction in the area, and the interior of Blue Moon Brewery reflects that. The new brewery is right across the street from the Welcome Inn, a longtime dive that used to be in a very lonely part of town. And what part of town is that? Asks Jame: 

What the heck is River North? I've lived here all my life and never heard of it. Is it one of the out-of- stater yuppie names for one of our old Denver neighborhoods?

In case you've somehow managed to miss the evolution of this hot-hot neighborhood, River North is the old warehouse district along the South Platte River north of downtown. More than a dozen years ago, local artists led the charge to turn it into the RiNo Art District, an effort that's been a definite success...unless you're looking for a cheap warehouse.

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