Word of Mouth

Reader: Blue Pan Pizza, Please Don't Crowd Out the Good Son!

A year or two ago, most Denverites had no idea that such a thing as Detroit-style pizza existed. Now the city has an embarrassment of the doughy riches. And last week, Blue Pan Pizza — which has been a big hit since it debuted last June at 3930 West 32nd Avenue — revealed that it's going to open a second location in Congress Park, at 3509 East 12th Avenue. Which isn't far from the Good Son, at 2550 East Colfax Avenue, another spot that opened last spring and specializes in, yes, Detroit-style pizza. Says Claire: 
Dude, we have the Good Son at the Bonfils. Please don't crowd them out. Open your thang in, like, Longmont or Fort Collins. They don't have Detroit-style pizza. I really want the former Encore location to thrive.
And Jenny has another concern about this Congress Park location: 
As if parking isn't already a nightmare.
Have you been to Blue Pan? Good Son? What do you think of Detroit-style pizza?
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