Reader: Both weed and beer are businesses with a positive impact -- so quit your hating!

Regulate marijuana like alcohol? Why not celebrate it with alcohol? That's what West Flanders Brewing in Boulder did last week, changing the name of one of its beers from Woodshed Smoked Porter to Recreational Smoke to celebrate the end of pot prohibition -- and help bring competing bud/beer factions together.

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Says Christopher:

STOP COMPARING WEED TO BEER! I fall on the beer-side myself, but I got nothing against you if you smoke pot. Both have their upsides and, if abused, both have their downsides -- so quit your hating (on both sides). Both industries represent small business owners following their dream and they both have a positive impact on the state's economy.

Colorado's status as the Napa Valley of beer has certainly helped tourism -- and made life here a lot more enjoyable. Will recreational pot be another boon for tourism and locals alike?

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