Reader: Boulder versus South Federal pits 1 percent against what, exactly?

We're down to the Final Four in our Street 16 menu matchup. And one of the contests is very tough: Boulder versus South Federal Boulevard. The "foodiest" town in America versus Denver's ethnic strip. Yesterday, one reader was so torn he wondered how to split his vote. But no more.

Writes one reader:

The ethnic varieties on South Federal are amazing. Who cares about food that only the 1% in Boulder can afford?

Contrast that with Shut Up:

Everyone wants to be cool and vote for shitty, south fucking federal.... i fucking hate those places... they look like shit because they ARE shit. And I have eaten at every single one of them. From super dump, i mean, star asian to hong kong bbq to. Since when did Denver become so enamored with these dumps? They have been around forever and only in the past few years have all the stupid "foodies" been making a big fucking deal about them. shitty broth and noodles. yay. shrimp served the same way as every other hole in the wall mexican dump. wow. boring vietnamese spring rolls. neato. Dim fucking Sum. Boring. Pho. Dear God, fucking Pho. Why does everyone act like they like this bland, unfilling, ancient, shitty soup. Fuck rice noodles. Fuck bean sprouts. And fuck whatever kind of shitty "meat" they put in there.

Ow! You can vote for South Federal or Boulder until 11:59 p.m. tonight.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.