Reader: Boulderites should be grateful for their granola

Do we cover Boulder too often? Not often enough? Too gently? Not harshly enough?

Ellen's suggestion that Cafe Society needs to take a more contemporary approach to Boulder inspired this response from chuckroast:

For Ellen's sake, instead of calling Boulderites the "Granola Set," just call them "Humorless Assholes."

And then Mantonat weighed in::

Boulderites don't eat granola anymore because their kids are all allergic to the peanuts in the granola. Stop dissing Boulder or you're going to get stabbed with an epi-pen or run over by a double-wide stroller.

But BSquared brought the discussion back where it belongs: to food. Even though he thinks we write too often about food in Boulder:

Ever since Laura Shunk came on board, Westword has been all about Boulder. I don't think there has been any bashing of Boulder, in fact some of us Denver'ites have been bitching about how much coverage IS being written about Boulder joints.

Go ahead, BSquared: Bitch about Lori Midson's Chef and Tell interview with Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson...we dare you!

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