Reader: Broadway's cup is running over...and that's a good thing

While My Sweet Bakery has closed in Berkeley, the Baker neighborhood is living up to its name, and is now home to a number of bakeries, sweet spots and coffee shops, with more -- including Happy Coffee -- still to come.

Is it too much of a good thing?

Here's the word from BakerRes:

That's like finding out that your neighborhood is getting a Michelin starred restaurant and saying "we already have a McDonalds, a Burger King, and a Taco Bell - why would we need another place to eat?" Happy Coffee is legit

And Cynthia's response:

BakerRes, that's crazy! Did you seriously just call Bardo, Michelangelo's and the new and tasty Sugar Bakeshop FAST FOOD? All of them serve quality coffees like Kaladi Bros and NOVO.

At first I kind of thought the same thing re: over-crowding it, but each of the above has its own unique vibe. At the end of the month, I've been to each at least once.

B's is for productivity or late night HW, Mike's is for a quiet wine or lingering coffee date, sugar is for to-go desserts and incidental coffees and I can't wait for Happy's writer-oriented business model.

Sure, it may mean "the market" outs one of these in the coming years, but I'll let that competition play out on its own time.

Is Broadway's cup running over? And will you be there to slurp up all the offerings?

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