Word of Mouth

Reader: Brunch Today With Yuppie Hipster Douches — or Cornpone Suburbanites?

On weekend mornings, hungry, hung-over thoughts turn to brunch — Denver's favorite meal — and from there, thoughts often move on to the type of people you'll see at brunch in Denver. Says Cyril: 
Where there aren't yuppie-hipster-douches, you deal with insufferable yet boring cornpone suburbanites. It doesn't get any more vanilla than that.
Adds Greg:
These places with their "7x Wagyu Brisket" and "racletas tortilla chips" crack me up. Just make a fucking decent sandwich and chips at a good price. That's comfort food. Unless you're a hipster douche.
Where will you be eating brunch this morning? To whet your appetite, here's our recent list of the ten best restaurants for brunch, as well as our picks for Denver's best breakfast spots.
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