Reader: Bunch of Yuppies Moved to the Northside and Ruined the Culture

Denver has been losing a lot of its red-sauce Italian joints in recent years, but we still had no problem rounding ten favorite old-school Italian joints that are still serving up worthy spaghetti and meatballs (or meatball, in the case of

Saucy Noodle

). And although readers quibbled with a few of our picks, they also came up with still more spots that combine into a great tip sheet for hearty eating over the winter months to come.

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Still, some readers are still hungering for the places that have closed, many of them in Lower Highland, including Carbone's (technically on the Sunnyside side of the street), Longo's Subway Tavern, Pagliacci's, Little Pepina's...

Says Leonardo:

The LoHi? WTF is that? Bunch of yuppies move to the northside and ruined the culture.

What do you think of the restaurants that have replaced the old-school Italian places in Highland? And suggestions of many more red-sauce joints in other parts of town, read the comments here.

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